Choo Choos, Candy, And Decorating

We had a fun-filled weekend. We started the morning with a ride on a choo choo. The East Troy Electric Railroad has a short ride between East Troy and Elegant Farmer. Amber, Nick, Abram, Nicki, Riley, Wade, Alex, and I arrived in East Troy with a little time to spare. We checked out the museum and the old trains sitting on the tracks. For the ride to the Elegant Farmer we were the only ones on the train and the boys had a blast.

After an insanely long afternoon nap (3+ hours), we finally woke Alex up at 5. He was in a great mood and loved helping me fill the candy bowl:

We finished off the night by decorating our Halloween Gingerbread house. Alex supervised (with snacks) while Wade and I made quite the mess.

I thought the end result was actually pretty good. Thanks Mom!

  1. I’m jealous of your gingerbread haunted house. We did ours when mom and it looked horrible. I guess we weren’t cut out for the gingerbread house.

  2. We had a lot of trouble. I eventually transferred the icing to some pastry bags so that I could put a small tip on them – which is the only way we outlined the roof, windows, and made the cracks. Then Wade had to build a form to hold the roof on while the icing dried. Did I mention my hands turned black from the black icing too?
    We did still have fun though 🙂

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