Alex Tries New Words

Alex’s vocabulary is expanding like crazy. Most of the time we just get the first sound of a word, but it’s cute to hear. He calls his Moose (his favorite lovey) “Mo”. He says “than too” for thank you. He also knows “ball”, “choo choo”, “milk”, “chip”, “more”, “fire”, “shoes”, “flower”, “frog”, “basketball”, “daddy”, and “ma”. He also recently added “Madison” to his vocabulary. I would never have realized what he was saying if he hadn’t been repeating me:

On our trip to Seattle, Alex learned that a cow says “moo.” He doesn’t say the word “cow”, but says “moo” anytime he sees one or hears the word. Tonight I tried to teach him that a dog says “woof woof”. When I asked him what a dog says he immediately makes a whining sound in his throat – perfectly imitating one of the few sounds Madison actually makes. I repeated the question later and got the same response. Works for me.

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