Leaving On A Jetplane

Today we packed our bags and headed for the airport. We are leaving for Seattle and our nine day vacation. We had to wait a short time in the Milwaukee airport and then had a layover in Minneapolis. Alex handled waiting in the airports like a champ:

Children under the age of two can fly without a ticket – if they sit in their parents’ lap. We went for cheap and had Alex in our lap. Thankfully there was an empty seat on our long flight from Minneapolis to Seattle and we could all stretch out a little. Alex was awesome during both flights. We had tons of snacks, favorite toys, and new choo choos (a big hit). We didn’t even have to turn the DVD player on.

Upon arrival, we gathered up all of our bags and went in search of our rental car. The picture below shows the number of items we needed to travel with an 18 month old (one of the suitcases holds his pack-n-play). It’s about the same number of bags we took on Alex’s first plane trip.

Alex managed two naps before we left Milwaukee (with us waking him up early from his second). He stayed awake and happy for 8.5 hours including both flights. The five minute drive from the airport to our hotel was too much for him. My light sleeper didn’t even move when we took him out of the car seat, up the elevator, laid him on our bed, changed him, and then put him in his bed. (I normally won’t even go up the stairs in our house during nap time for fear of waking him.)

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