A Whirlwind Of A Day

We started the day with a trip to Chicago. First stop was Grant Park to see the Buckingham Fountain:

Then we walked to Millennium Park to see Cloud Gate (otherwise known as The Bean). This was actually the reason for the trip.

We also stumbled on a children’s play exhibit and tried out all the areas.

Then we headed for our recommended lunch at Bob Chin’s Crabhouse. You have to love a seafood restaurant with eggrolls on the appetizer menu. The food was absolutely amazing. Wade had yummy lobster fried rice and I had grouper. I’m not a big fish person (in fact I probably only eat it only once or twice a year), but I’m already trying to plan a second trip so that I can get more.
That sounds like enough for a day, right? Not during Adventure Month! We came home for naps (Alex took his afternoon nap at 3 pm) and to move Hazel (our neighbor’s dog) in for the night. She and Madison are getting along great.

Then we headed to the Butlers for a cookout. Alex only lasted an hour, but considering we have been running all day that’s not too bad.

Bath time was full of giggles tonight. Hazel was obviously fascinated and I think would have happily jumped in with Alex.

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