Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I am rather proud of the fact that 80% (or something like that) of our household trash is recycled. Our city only collects recycling every other week, but we could use it weekly and the trash pickup only once a month. Years ago, Wade gave me a sampler pack of reusable bags. Included were two Acme workhouse bags, two Acme Earth Friendly totes, and two Acme hemp bags.

I love the workhorse bags. They fold up into a small pouch and both easily fit in my purse. I use these at any store – grocery, Target, Home Depot, clothing, etc. My second favorite bags are the Earth totes. These are incredibly sturdy and easy to pack like a grocery paper bag. I leave them in my car and always take them into the grocery. The hemp bags are the last bag I choose. They don’t easily fold up, they are hard to pack, and I think the dual handles are pure trouble. Then you have to make sure you are not grabbing one long and one short.
This past year my sister brought me an Envirosax from Holland. Little did we know you can buy them everywhere here too. This is my favorite bag for Target or clothes shopping. It fits into my purse when folded (although the folding requires a little more work) and is a larger bag than my others. Did I mention it is also really cute?

A few months ago I discovered reusable produce bags. I always hated to use the grocery-provided bags, but knew it made the checkers life much easier. Then I discovered 3B Bags. They come in two sizes, are machine washable, and the mesh is small enough to read the produce numbers through. Now I keep a handful of these in my car with my reusable grocery bags.
I also noticed a big change in the stores when we moved from South Carolina to Wisconsin. Here it is common practice to ask if you have a reusable bag – in all stores, not just the grocery. The baggers automatically put your milk back in the cart instead of double bagging. If you are checking out with a single item you will often be asked if you need a bag instead of automatically getting one.
Happy Birthday Jerry!

  1. Okay so thank you for listing the produce bags b/c i have been looking for something reusable for a while. I have all the other bags covered.

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