Wisconsin State Fair

Today was the first Saturday of Adventure Month. We spent the morning at the lakefront walking around and playing frisbee. After a long nap for Alex and me, we headed to the State Fair. Wade and I love fair food. First up was a funnel cake, which Alex also enjoyed:

A short time later we stumbled on the creme puffs and had to try one (my first):

Then it was on to the animals. Alex loved the goats and bunnies. He’s been attempting the word “duck” lately so we tried to reinforce it with the baby ducks. I’m not sure he saw the resemblance to the yellow rubber ducky in the tub.

Our last stop was at the cardboard cutouts for a picture. Compare this one to last year. Alex has changed a lot in a year!

Now for a typical Holly/Wade story. We made the long walk to our car and Wade couldn’t find the car keys. He was worried they had fallen out at the fair. I happened to look into the car and see them in the ignition (with the doors locked). Wade called our awesome neighbor and Dawn ran to our house to get a spare set (thank goodness we leave our house unlocked) and then brought them to us. While Wade was walking to the intersection to meet Dawn, I was entertaining Alex. At some point, I realized not only were the keys in the ignition, but the car was running. That’s right, we are that good.

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