My Latest Obsession

I like to collect things and must always have a complete set if one exists. Alex has recently graduated from eating off the high chair tray to a plate (meaning he no longer immediately throws the plate on the floor). It’s not practical for him to always use the breakable plates, but I hate most all of the plastic ones (either for the cartoon characters or the fact that they are plastic). Then I remembered one of my Mom’s good friends gave Alex a set of enamelware – frog themed of course. We have been using the plate for a month or so and I decided he needed more. Now we also have a red, blue swirl, beach house, and twinkling. The problem is there are quite a few more patterns that are cute. And what if he has a friend over for lunch? Then we would need a matching plate to at least a few of the ones we have….

  1. I’m totally the same way. My cabinets are overflowing with dishes and various cups, because once I get one of something, I need it in every variation…

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