The Pool – Day One

We are spending the weekend with my Dad and Laura. They have a full house so Alex is sleeping in the closet (in his pack-n-play) in our room. He woke us up at 6 am and we headed straight to the pool. We played until time for a nap and he slept 2 hours. Then we headed back to the pool. Alex did really well in the water, but was just as happy running around. His snack of cheerios provided quite a bit of entertainment:

Then it was time for lunch, a little visiting with Ken (Laura’s Dad) and Pete (the cat), and testing Pete’s toy:

Then the girls were off to a baby shower for Christy and the boys watched soccer (while Alex took a 3.5 hour nap). We arrived home to see a game of peek-a-boo in progress:

Then it was off to bed for Alex and a fish fry for the adults.

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