Happy Father’s Day

What holiday would be complete without a family picture? We decided to shake things up a bit and take the picture in the tree house. As usual there were quite a few pictures where we weren’t “ready”.

Wade got to choose our lunch plans and chose Gilles. After sandwiches and fries, I got custard and Wade got a slushy. Alex didn’t seem interested in either. Wade was super excited by his gifts from Alex – Wallace and Gromit DVDs. I’m sure they’ll enjoy watching them together:

The rest of the day Wade spent working on our porch and gutters (fun chores for Father’s Day, huh?) and I snuggled with Alex. I’m pretty sure his molars are coming in and he’s having a rough go of it. I couldn’t believe he wanted to snuggle all day and even fell asleep on me for an hour (this is after his two hour afternoon nap). I hate that he isn’t feeling 100%, but I loved the snuggles.

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