Adoption Update – Officially Waiting

In adoption news, our home study has been completed and approved! We wrote a check and are now officially on the South Korean wait list. The current wait time is 12-18 months. We’ll then receive a referral – containing pictures and medical information about a child. We will be given a week or so to accept the referral. The only reasons not to would be based off of a doctor’s evaluation of the medical information. Then we have the 3-6 month wait for paperwork in Korea before we can fly to pick up the child.

  1. GREAT news!! Congrats – weird b/c I was JUST telling my boss about 30 minutes ago that I couldn’t wait for your baby to arrive from S. Korea (we were talking about babies and adoption). I can imagine you are all very excited!

  2. Congrats…we start all the paperwork for China later this year!

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