The Zoo And The Pool

It was an Abram and Alex day. We loaded up for the Zoo after Alex’s morning nap and had a snack as we walked:

This is the first trip to the Zoo that Alex seemed to notice the animals. I think he would have happily stood there all day watching the hippopotamus.

Then we stopped into the dairy farm where Alex learned to drive the truck and take a turn riding:

Next up was a ride on the train. Abram tried to hold Alex’s hand (at our request), but he wasn’t quite ready for that:

Then we fed the goats. Both boys loved it. Alex would take his pellets and literally shove them in the goat’s mouth. No fear after living with Madison:

Alex was worn out so we went home for lunch and a two hour nap. Then it was time to play in the pool!

Amy dropped by with some pumpkin (yeah!) and while we were talking Abram took quite a fall. He cut the inside of his mouth and Amber gave him a popsicle to get something cold on the cut. Abram’s biggest concern was that Alex didn’t have a popsicle too. So Alex had his first popsicle:

  1. Is the Xavier shirt from Xavier University in Cincinnati?

  2. I’m pretty sure it is.

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