New Skills – The Fork

Alex has been adamant about eating the same things as I do. He is equally determined I will not feed him with utensils. I finally decided to let him have a spoon or fork and see how he did. The first day I loaded the spoon and he got a few bites of couscous into his mouth. Today he actually managed to eat some of the macaroni and cheese off the fork. (On a side note: He normally won’t eat pasta but I think the novelty of the fork came into play.)

My favorite part was watching him put macaroni on the fork. Half of the time he would stab at it. The other half he would pick up a single piece with his fingers and then try to put it on the fork.

  1. Is he going to be left handed? Too soon to tell?

  2. It’s too soon to tell. I realized the other day when I was handing him the fork I always put it in his left hand. Then I started putting it on the tray and letting him pick it up. He was about 50-50.

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