My Friend

Abram and Alex are seeing a lot of each other these days. We played yesterday before naptime and today we joined Amber and Abram for a trip to the Children’s Play Gallery.
As soon as Alex woke up from his morning nap we got ready to be picked up:

The boys shared Kix and apple slices (which Alex won’t eat when I prepare) in the backseat as we drove to Delafield. What a great time we had playing! There was a huge pirate ship to climb and play on, a stage and dress up clothes, an art area, a construction site, a tree house, moon sand, and a play kitchen. The boys definitely had a blast:

As we were driving through downtown Delafield we saw a cute children’s store called Tadpoles and just had to stop. They even carried Angel Dear blankets and we managed to leave without buying a new one – whew! We got home and both boys were ready for a nap.
The day doesn’t end there though. The boys played together again after nap time. We ended up in Abram’s bedroom with his firetruck bed. Alex was in charge of the light and Abram was driving:

The cutest part of the day? When Abram refers to Alex as “my friend”.

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