Working Hard On Someone Else’s House

The church we’ve been attending (Transformation City Church) meets in a rented movie theater, but owns a house. The house is the “Community House” and is located in a rough area of Milwaukee.

The house was bought to intentionally invest in the community. The house was a foreclosure and is in rough shape. There are two single guys sharing the upstairs unit and a married couple overseeing the children’s ministry will be moving into the bottom unit at some point. The hope is that they will all build authentic relationships with the neighbors. Some church events are held at the house and there is frequently a work day, like today. Wade was in charge of replacing some boards on the front porch and had a neighborhood helper (age 10) before too long:

In the backyard a garden was being planted (after the brush was removed) and the back was being painted:

Even the kids helped (some more than others):

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