New Restaurants

Wade and I have been on a kick of trying new restaurants. In the last few months we have visited:
Bunker’s in West Allis. We went on a Friday night and had quite a wait. The restaurant was very small, dark, and had a large crowd. We enjoyed the food, but I’m not sure it would be on the short list for a return visit.
Comet Cafe in downtown Milwaukee. This place was awesome! Not only was the food great (I had the Rosemary chicken sandwhich), but we got a basket of bacon while we waited. I’m not sure if they do this everyday, but definitely on Sundays. We hear rumors about a special sandwhich not on the menu, the Akimbo burger, which does not use a bun but a grilled cheese sandwhich on each side of the meat.
Glass Nickel Pizza Co. was a carry-out. I love any place that has calzones. They have been a little hard to find in Milwaukee. Wade liked that you could get a personal pizza. It’s definitely on our list to order from again.
Daymaker Cafe in Wauwatosa. I’ve already mentioned this one, but wanted to add it to the list. Definitely a local place, but the food and service were great! I had the french toast and Wade and Alex had burgers.

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