Happy Mother’s Day

Alex and I were in the grocery store and as we were checking out he happened to look up. He immediately got very excited and started to point and say, “Ba. Ba”. I looked up and saw a balloon. (Alex has a long history of loving balloons.) At this point everyone around us is watching Alex and smiling at the joy he is showing. We of course had to buy the balloon and conveniently it said, “Happy Mother’s Day”.

To celebrate the day, my guys took me to lunch at Claim Jumper. This was a true gift on Wade’s part. I love the restaurant and he hates it. My mom and I always go when she’s in town because it is the only time I get to go. This was Alex’s first time and we were shocked at how kid-friendly they are. They not only provided a plastic place mat that sticks to the table (we normally have to use our own), but they also have a complimentary baby plate. They bring the baby plate while you are waiting for the food. It had two kinds of cheese, turkey, mandarin oranges, and apple sauce. Wow! Wade even mentioned trying the restaurant out again sometime. Yay!

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