Fixing Up The Place

We were on a mission to work outside today. We took a slight detour and had breakfast at the Daymaker Cafe. I had excellent French Toast and my guys both had burgers. Cute place. Then we headed to the nursery and loaded up on plants.
I now have my hanging baskets hung:

My window box filled:

My pots on the front porch:

I also painted the concrete sills under the basement windows. Wade removed quite a few bushes and I can finally reach them:

Wade tackled the job of rebuilding our planter wall and planting the Oak tree to the right of the tulips. I didn’t get a before picture, but here is a middle and after:

The most exciting find of the day? A mouse in my container of birdseed. Wade decided it was cute enough to rescue. On my agenda for tomorrow is buying an airtight container so no more mice.

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