1 Year Check Up

Alex had his one year check up with the doctor today. He is 30 3/4 inches (80%) and 21 lbs and 14 oz. (35%). He was really excited before we went to the back:

He even did really well with the doctor, but he screamed when the nurse gave him his shots. That lasted about two minutes and then he was back to being happy and kept that up all day:

The facts I found interesting:
1.) It is recommended (not required) children face backwards in their car seats until age 2. My doctor said to try to keep him rear facing until he doesn’t squeeze into that position any longer.
2.) The peanut butter question has no answer. My doctor told me all the studies and his experience and then lets me decide. (We’ll wait till age 3.)
3.) Because we live in an older house Alex needs to be tested for lead.
Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  1. #2 – That’s funny. I guess it depends on who you ask. My Pediatrician told us with Anna that they had reversed the food allergy rules. He told us we could give her everything, even Honey, Peanut Butter, and Shellfish Even before 1 as long as there is no history of food allergies and she didn’t have a bad reaction.

  2. My doctor was really cool about it. He told me one study showed it was best to wait and then the next showed it didn’t matter. He told me about a study done in England and one in Israel. Then he told me what he had seen – that a select few children who had received peanut butter before age 3 would develop an allergy at age 2 or 2.5. He hadn’t seen a child develop an allergy when they started peanut butter after age 3. I figure it can’t hurt to wait. He said every other food is fine – honey, seafood, etc.

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