Into Everything

Alex isn’t even walking yet and it is all I can do to keep up with him. He has learned to open and shut doors (most of the doors in our house don’t latch closed). Every once in a while he’ll get stuck on the wrong side of a door and realize he is all alone in a room. Then he yells for help:

Alex is walking more and more behind his push toy. The issue now is he walks a straight line and then gets stuck at the fireplace or the chair. I have to turn everything around for him and off he goes:

I looked up a little later to see that he had turned over the toy and was examining the wheels:

Also of great interest are the firestarters -which he is not supposed to play with. I’m sure I’ll be finding them a new home soon:

Alex is babbling all the time and today fell down in a fit of giggles:

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