Wade Knows Me – Maybe Too Well

If you know Wade, you know he tends to forget things. He’s always happy to help or run an errand, but I’m never surprised if he forgets to do something or comes home without an item on the list. Typical Wade behavior is also to come up with a plausible reason he doesn’t have the item – such as they were all out. He’ll always confess to the truth if asked, and I always ask.
Tonight he was making a run to the grocery for ice cream and I made two requests. I asked him to put the Christmas cards in the mail and to buy me some Harvest Bars. When he got home, I noticed there were no Harvest Bars in his bag. I asked and he told me there was a huge sale and they were all gone. I looked at him and asked if he forgot to buy them. He says, “I know my wife.” Then he pulls out his iPhone and shows me a picture of the empty shelf at the grocery.

Oops. He did remember and obviously knows me a little too well. I am still laughing about this one!

  1. Holly, that is hysterical! I’m surprised Chris has never done that for me. Poor Chris is always running errands for me and forgetting a thing ot two!

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