Social Things

Thursday night Wade and I got to play Spades! Jason and Alya (and their son Luke) returned the favor by coming to our house for dinner. Before they left we taught Alya how to play and got far enough along to know that the girls were soundly beating the boys! I see more card games in our future.
Today Amber and I loaded the boys up for a trip to the outlets. Alex took a nap on the way and Abram was happy to chat away. The boys did pretty well for being all bundled up in their strollers most of the morning (darn cold temperatures). Amber and I found quite a few Christmas presents and made a couple of stops in the children’s stores. It was nice to find a child-friendly spot in Gymboree for the boys to get out of their strollers. I have decided it is not possible to get a picture of Abram and Alex both looking at the camera.

Then it was home to wrap some gifts and try a new pizza place for dinner – Cranky Al’s. Wade and I loved the personal pizzas, but not the garlic bread.
Alex still makes a beeline for the dishwasher whenever the door is down. Now I just need to teach him how to carefully take the dishes out (or put them in).

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