Tis The Season

Now I get to have fun dressing Alex in his Christmas clothes. I’m not sure what I was thinking last year (before he was born) when I bought these in a 9 month size. Thank goodness he can still wear them, but we may be using a disposable diaper by Christmas to fit into them.

Then Alex wanted to show off one of his new teeth. I think he looks a little off-balance with only three on the bottom:

The inchworn crawling has passed and Alex now crawls with his tummy off the ground.

He is also continuing to pull up. His current favorite place is on the dishwasher door when it is down.

  1. cute photos!!! i see you’re using a flash… which one did you guys decide on?

  2. This is an old one Wade had. For Christmas we are hoping to get the Canon 580EX II Flash

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