Learning To Share

When we began accumulating baby toys, I assumed Madison might have trouble understanding which toys were hers. I am happy to say she has never gone after Alex’s toys – regardless of whether they are left out on the floor when we are gone. It turns out Madison is even really good at sharing. Madison will be happily chewing on her bone and Alex will crawl over and take it. Madison lets it go without a sound, but watches it like a hawk. The minute Alex gets distracted she will paw it closer and then take it back. I tried to capture it in pictures, but video would be better. Madison is really a great family dog.

Alex has not been good about napping at Mother’s Day Out. I’m not sure if the ladies believed me when I said he sleeps 1-2 hours every 2 hours at home. When I picked him up today they were so excited. They got a 1.5 hour nap. Then they told me they put him in the closet to sleep. I laughed and said we do the same thing on vacations. Alex needs to be alone and talk himself to sleep. Because of the nap, he was in a great mood when we got home. We played and played and Alex got into his funny yoga poses.

Then it was back to chewing. His other front tooth is getting close.

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