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As many of you know, I love dishes. I came by it honestly – from my Mom. Wade mostly just shakes his head and tolerates the plates for every season and in every color. However, he doesn’t really promote new dishes in the house. He might or might not know about my latest additions – Halloween plates. I found these at a local grocery store and bought four – two black and two orange. Now I wish I had bought eight, but they are no longer selling them. If anyone knows where to get them or has seen them somewhere please let me know. (They are made by Tag.)

  1. OK I replied on the wrong post! Go to and see if they have them. They have Tag products. Good luck!

  2. Hey Johnna – I had looked on the Replacements website a couple of weeks ago. They don’t list them. Obviously I managed to buy some very rare dishes! I can’t believe with the power of the internet I can’t find these.

  3. Here’s what I found:
    TAG – Trade Associates Group, Ltd.
    1730 W Wrightwood Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614-1914
    Phone: (773)871-1300
    Fax: (773)871-7319
    Tollfree: (800)621-8350
    Email this Company

  4. The site I sent is the manufacturer/distributor for their home goods – maybe you’ll have some luck contacting them directly? Who knows. Beautiful dishes by the way!

  5. Thanks Carol. I’ll try that!

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