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Wade and I have always planned to adopt a child. My preference is an Asian country which leaves us with China, South Korea (for those of us in select states), Taiwan, and the Philippines. We had to wait till Alex was six months old before starting the process. We attended the required information session last week and had our first phone consultation with the adoption agency today. It turns out international adoption is very popular (surprise, surprise) and the wait time for youngest, healthiest children is quite long. When we went to the same meeting before getting pregnant most of the wait times were a little over a year. Now those wait times are over three years. As strongly as I feel about adopting, I also feel strongly about having children close in age. We have decided to add our names to the waiting list for South Korean adoptions in 2010. In March, South Korea will announce how many babies will be up for adoption. Two years ago it was 11; last year 10. We are number 10 on the current waiting list. If we won’t make the cut-off for the 2010 list then we will revaluate what we want to do. We are also considering a slightly older child (2-3 years), but we would need a lot more information before heading down that path.

To sum up: We have put our name on a list, but are basically waiting until February or March before making any decisions.

  1. Wow! My thoughts & prayers are with both of you!

  2. Good luck!

  3. Holly, that is awesome, I hope whatever you want works out for you, Wade and Alex.

  4. That is such great news! I’m sure it will work out beautifully. I look forward to the updates!

  5. Amanda and I are going to start the adoption process for China. Amanda has to turn 30 before we can start but once that happens we will start the waiting process!

  6. Hey Paddy. I had no idea you guys were going to adopt. Why did you pick China?

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