Road Trip – Day Six

We spent a little time exploring the Choo Choo since it was dark when we arrived last night.

We decided on a quick breakfast at Waffle House and then it was on to Nashville to see my sister and Chris. Melissa had a present for Alex and let him open it (with a little help):

Melissa and Chris unknowingly picked one of my favorite restaurants for lunch – Mellow Mushroom. I had no idea there was one in Nashville or I would have made a point to visit on numerous occasions. Alex fell asleep in the car, but I made Melissa and Chris pose for a picture anyway:

Then it was back in the car with a two hour drive to Paducah. The first stop was to see Granny and Papa:

The final stop of the day was at my mom’s house. The Upshaws joined us for dinner and then it was bedtime for everybody.

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