Road Trip – Day Five

This morning we returned to an old favorite church – Buckhead Church. We hadn’t been to the new building and were impressed (especially with their children’s area). After church we met Marshall and Tarver for brunch at Rosebud in Virginia Highlands. Their little boy should arrive in about five weeks.

Then it was on to Piedmont Park to meet Emily. She drove over from Auburn to see Alex. Unfortunately it was quite hot and Alex was pretty tired and lethargic. She did hear a few giggles though.

We hopped in the car and drove to Chattanooga to have dinner with Nate and Michelle. The last time I saw Bryson he was only a few months old.

That would be a pretty full day, but Wade and I always manage to encounter drama. We had planned to spend the night in the Chattanooga Choo Choo – something I had done as a child and always wanted to repeat. We arrived around 7:30 and were told our room wasn’t ready. Evidently they were having trouble with the air conditioning in our train car. They eventually gave us the keys after offering us a room in the hotel. We turned them down (the whole point was to stay in a train car). They sent us on our way with a couple pitchers of ice water, a fan, free restaurant coupons for breakfast, and a comp’d hotel bill. We stayed in the room for a couple of hours and it only seemed to get warmer. Alex was down to a diaper and still couldn’t sleep.

We are now in a regular hotel room, but it is nice and cool.

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