Road Trip – Day Four

No trip to the South is complete without a meal at Waffle House. A breakfast of cheese eggs, raisin toast, and grits tasted wonderful. The Gilmans joined us partway through the meal.

After a nap for Alex (the first in a crib since our trip began) we made the journey to Tech for the big game. Brad, Jen, and Jamie joined us on the bleachers.

It turned out to be a little warmer than Alex could stand so we hung out under the bleachers for most of the game.

Tech won and most everyone (except Karen) was happy. We started the hike back to our car and stopped for a few more pictures along the way.

Everyone took a nap (or at least a break) after the game. Then it was dinner at Jock & Jill’s for the Auburn game. Alex couldn’t get into the game (maybe football isn’t his thing) so he played on the floor or in Adam’s lap (note Alex’s yeti shirt – courtesy of Lyz).

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