We All Work

Naomi was watching Alex for a few hours today and I finished my real work very quickly. That left me with a couple of hours to tackle house projects. I painted the bathroom door and then started to work on the sunroom storm windows. They currently have screens, but Wade is going to convert them to glass. I removed the screens and paint. My good friend the belt sander even got to come out for this project! (I was also using the 1/4 sheet sander, but having three sanders in one picture might be a little much.)

Wade spent the evening on projects too. He got the floor down in the bathroom (at this point I am just going to post pictures when the entire bathroom is done), met with a man about tiling the shower (should be done while we are on vacation), and finished Alex’s high chair. We had always planned to refinish an old wooden high chair for Alex. It turns out both my mom and Wade’s parents had old wooden ones to offer and they happened to be the same one. We took the one from my mom’s house and Wade went to work stripping all the old stain:

Then he painted it using the compressor and spray gun:

Alex gave it a test run:

  1. Funny about having the same high chair. I think I had the same one too, and it’s still in Mom’s garage. Guess it was a popular model in ’79!

  2. I love the high chair! That’s exactly what I want too…tick tock…waiting for this wedding business to be over so we can get started!

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