Pancakes and Friends and Cakes

Wade, Alex, and I were initially planning to spend the afternoon at the lake. The lake trip was cancelled due to yucky weather so Wade planned a day of projects. I decided we should do something new and fun to start the day – off to the Original Pancake House we went for breakfast. Wade had wonderful French Toast and I had chocolate chip pancakes:

Somewhere along the way we invited Nate and Amy for dinner. That meant I needed a trip to the grocery. Alex managed to get himself into some funny positions in the cart but was otherwise a good shopper:

I got dinner cooked and Alex ready for bed before our guests arrived. Wade kept Alex entertained and happy so he could say stay up till Nate and Amy arrived:

Amy and Nate visited with Alex for a few minutes before Wade took him up to bed (Nate went along to get some pointers):

We ended up having a huge amount of dessert. I had make a chocolate chip cinnamon cake and my neighbor had brought over some birthday cake (very yummy birthday cake). We all ended up having a little of both. Check out our plates in the picture below:

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