6 Months

I remembered Alex’s doctor appointment just in time. The nurses took all his measurements and declared him “average”. He is 26 3/4 inches long (60 percentile) and 17 lb and 10 oz (55 percentile). Alex had quite a wait between the doctor and his shots. He found the paper on the table very entertaining – for a while:

Last night while carrying Alex up the stairs, I tripped and fell. Alex hit the landing pretty hard and immediately had a huge goose egg on his forehead. We gave him some Tylenol and put ice on it. He took a bottle and went right to bed. Poor Alex woke up this morning with a slightly bruised forehead. If you look closely in the pictures above you can see it (it’s on his right). I know he’ll get lots of bumps and bruises, but most of the time he’ll get them on his own – without mom’s help! I did mention it to the doctor and she didn’t seem concerned. She pointed out that at least it didn’t break the skin – then it would have been messy.

Happy Birthday Jerry!

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