DC to Baltimore to Milwaukee

We had a scrumptious breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast before heading out for the day. We did a little shopping and then drove to one of our main destinations of the trip – Red, Hot, and Blue.

When I lived in DC, Wade came to visit about once a month and we always ate at this Memphis styled BBQ restaurant – one of the few that meets with Wade’s approval. Also one of two restaurants in DC that serves sweet tea (the other being Chick-fil-A).

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping in Alexandria. I now have Mom’s birthday present and a fun surprise for Matt and Krista when we go visit (picked out by Wade). We made the drive to Baltimore and got in the rental car return line. The nice man receiving cars at Enterprise took one look at us and offered to have someone drop us off at the terminal. What a blessing! Taking the bus was a chore when we picked up the car. Alex did great as we waited for our flight:

He slept during take-off (again) and I chatted with the lady next to us. She has a two year old at home and is four months pregnant – needless to say she was very understanding of Alex. The minute Wade stood up, we took advantage of his seat:

We arrived safely in Milwaukee with enough time to pick Madison up at the kennel. Alex went straight to bed. I tried to watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica (our new tv show to watch together) with Wade and only made it 22 minutes into a 43 minute show. It was only 9:30 pm, but off to bed I went!
Happy Birthday Lissy!

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