Baltimore to Annapolis to DC

Alex woke up once at 4:45 am; took a bottle; and then slept till 8. We all woke up well rested and ready to go. We decided to see what Alex thought of the pool. He did pretty well, but Wade and I wished the water was warmer:

Then we packed up and decided on a stop in Annapolis. As we were driving we turned right onto the interstate on-ramp and ran into a line of cars exiting the interstate. We aren’t quite sure what happened, but evidently there was quite a back-up and they decided to come up the on-ramp to get to an alternate route. We finally made it to Annapolis and walked the area before having lunch at the Federal House.

Alex slept for the drive to DC and was wide awake when we arrived at The Inn at Dupont Circle, our Bed and Breakfast. Lemonade and cookies were waiting in the dining room so we had a little snack while Alex entertained us:

We love the brownstone and especially our suite. Alex quickly decided he was king of the king bed:

We got everything unloaded and the pack-n-play set up before we headed out for a walk and dinner. The walk took us to the actual Dupont Circle and Alex seemed to enjoy the fountain:

Dinner was an old favorite – Lauriol Plaza. We even got special treatment in an elevator ride to the terrace so that Alex could stay asleep in his stroller. He woke up half way through the meal, but we still thoroughly enjoyed the food and drinks. We walked a little more to a Yelp reccomendation – Larry’s Ice Cream. Conveniently they also had yummy cupcakes!
Then it was time for bed for Alex. Now we just have to get him in his crib.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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