PlayGroup and MiniGolf

Our days seem to be crazy and full of activity. We made our daily trip to the Y and then got ready for PlayGroup. Amber hosted and served lunch. Alex watched the other kids and the moms did quite a bit of talking. I got to hold Nola, the youngest at 8 weeks. I can’t believe how small she is compared to Alex!

Alex had a nice nap and I got a little work done before we headed out for dinner and minigolf with the Young Couples. We met at Louise’s. Nate and Amy quickly grabbed the babies (which is great for us):

Alex and Emelia seemed to at least notice each other on their third (or fourth) date. The next stop was minigolf. Alex had been working on his swing, but he looked too tired to play. Instead he got carried around by dad:

Wade had no trouble keeping Alex entertained while we paid, picked ball colors, and got our clubs:

Then it was onto the course. We broke up into two groups – boys and girls:

In the beginning we were going to give extra consideration to Wade and Carissa for having to play with babies attached, but Carissa was beating us all one-handed.

The boys posed themselves for this one and it was too cheesy not to post:

Now we are all worn out and leaving for Baltimore tomorrow. I think packing will have to wait till tomorrow morning!

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