Cookies and Books and Working Out Too

Alex and I start every morning (except Sunday) with a trip to the YMCA. I always see funny things and have stories to tell about my hour a day at the Y. Today I was waiting and waiting for this large black man to finish with the leg press. I finally noticed that his towel was gone and half of the weights. (I have a big pet peeve with people not re-racking their weights.) I walked over and started removing the remaining weights. The man comes running over and I thought maybe he wasn’t done. I asked and he laughed and said he was done. He apologized for leaving the weights on there and said he assumed anyone using it would at least need that much. I smiled and told him he was really going to laugh because I was doing one leg at a time and not using any weight.
I also decided today Alex needed to learn to make cookies. He seemed more interested in his rings, but I think he’ll get it eventually:

Tonight I had book club. My friend Amy started us out and I am loving it. We not only read a book each month, but we talk and eat and have a good time. It also means Wade has to babysit and get Alex to bed. I think they are getting better and better at it. When I left they were having a good time and Alex was asleep when I got home.

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