Break-Ins And Fix-Ups

I can’t believe I forgot to post this, but our cars got broken into a few days ago. Both of them were in the driveway and unlocked. (Mine is almsot always locked, but Wade had pulled it in for me and he doesn’t lock his.) We were lucky and the theives appeared to be quite stupid. They got my $20 I keep in the change drawer and Wade’s iPod receiver. They missed his GPS and brand-new drill. They missed my iPod and purposely left my iPod receiver (we later found out they got two next door). The garage and house were unlocked. You would think we learned our lesson in Anderson, but obviously not. The police came, but basically said they won’t be doing anything. He did tell me that about 10 cars within two blocks were broken into. Geez.
Today was a get-it-done day. Wade put a new door knob on the garage door so that it actually shuts and could be locked, fixed Madison’s outdoor self-watering bowl, repaired some exterior lights, pulled weeds, and thought about mowing the lawn. We took down our wood back door (now that we have the storm door) and I worked on refinishing the interior side. I can’t thank Jerry enough for introducing me to Formby’s Furniture Refinisher. It removes alligatoring like a charm!

Alex was great today, but very out of character. He took four naps totalling 6.5 hours. Of course he did wake up at 5 am and we had him on the go all day yesterday. It did allow us to get a lot done and take a long nap too!

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