A Day For An Adventure

Wade read an article in USA Today about Mustard Day. Being the crazy people we are, we decided to go. I noticed Mount Horeb was fairly close to Nicki’s Diapers in New Glarus so we decided to make a day of it.
We started off around 11:30 and stopped for Arby’s in Madison. There was a gorilla statue in the parking lot – no idea why. Of course we had to have a picture:

Then we were headed to New Glarus. I bought some new diapers and needed items while Wade discovered the local firefighters were having a celebration. We joined in the fun for a few minutes before loading back up in the car:

Twenty minutes later we were in Mount Horeb. We quickly found the Mustard Day celebration:

We found all kinds of games (Mustard Fishing, Mustard Bowling, and Mustard Finger Painting):

There were lots of small booths with taste testing along the way. The festival is sponsered by Oscar Meyer, but we arrived after all of the free hot dogs were given out:

Next stop was the Mustard Museum:

No event is complete without a mascot so we got a picture:

At this point we decided we needed some real food. We checked Yelp for something good in Madison and ended up at Smoky Jon’s No. 1 BBQ – a wonderful BBQ restaurant (Wade might not say “wonderful” but he would give it high marks – especially for the area):

We also found Bluephies and tried their desserts. Wade had the apple crisp and I had the fried chocolate chip cookie dough wonton – yum!

  1. oh! i will always keep Bluephies close to my heart – Nate took me there to eat after he proposed!
    i’m glad to hear Mustard Day was celebrated to the fullest! 🙂

  2. The crazy thing is we didn’t buy a single bottle of mustard. We did get t-shirts!

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