Busy Bees

Today was busy! Alex awoke at 5 am and Wade worked his magic to get him back to sleep till 8 (thank goodness). I got up with Alex and fed him his cereal before heading to the gym:

We got home just in time to say good-bye to Wade as he went to play raquetball with Mike. Alex took his morning nap while I did household chores and took a few minutes to read my latest book. As soon as Alex woke up, we headed out for a long walk. I had seem rummage sale signs earlier today and thought they would be a nice addition to our walk. I didn’t plan very well and ended up on a two hour walk (my legs are not happy with me). I did manage a few decent purchases – two baskets for me, a rattle for Alex, and toy for Madison:

The best buy was the old wooden tool bench for Alex. I had to have Wade come pick it up and it needs a little work, but we love old things:

It was naptime for both Alex and I when we got home. While we slept, Wade was on fire with house projects. He patched a whole in the living room (we had an empty light switch spot), prepped the storm door (we are going to put in a dog door for Madison), and put the finishing touches on the shower (tile guys should come next week):

Alex supervised while I cooked nachos for dinner:

Then it was bedtime for Alex and I am off to enjoy some reading time. Good night world.
Happy Birthday Judy!

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