Cereal and Painting

In Alex news – he has moved on to rice cereal.

The doctor suggested we start trying it at his 4 month checkup. He actually seems to enjoy the cereal so now he has it twice a day. Mom suggests this will help him sleep longer at night. I’m hoping….

In house news – we have painters! I have wanted to paint the exterior of the house since we bought it. I knew it wouldn’t happen last year, but wanted to make it a priority for this year. Wade agreed but left all the details up to me. After four painting and two masonary quotes, I think we have it all worked out. I found a painter who will do the necessary tuckpointing – which makes a huge cost difference. The hardest part for me was telling one of the painters we were not going to use him. He was a nice guy and I know he really wanted the job. Thank goodness I got his voicemail when I called!!

Hopefully in a few months the house will be green (brick and siding) and all the trim will be white.

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