And The Doctor Says….

Maybe you should move to the South. Then he went on to say that my time in KY was probably a glimpse of what’s to come. Evidently Alex’s colic is just lasting a little longer than usual. Today was a fun day with long naps, smiling, and laughing. I love having Alex playing or sleeping on a quilt in my office. He’s getting pretty good with the rattles:

A note on the rattles. The smaller one is mine from when I was a baby. The larger one is what they sell today to meet safety requirements. You see which one Alex tends to prefer…
Madison had enough of being outside and came in for the afternoon. She was interested in Alex and Alex even appeared to like Madison’s fur.

Madison ended up on the quilt so I tried to use her as a boppy pillow. Alex and Madison both seem okay with it, but Alex doesn’t look very comfortable.

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