A Big Day

Today Alex went to sleep (and stayed that way for 30 minutes) without being swaddled. He’s going to have to learn eventually – we don’t have air conditioning!

Alex is not a very good napper so my time while he is asleep is spent on quick projects – or ones that can be broken up. I’m all caught up on my work work so now I am removing caulk from all the windows in my sunroom. The previous owners must have spent hours caulking all four edges of each pane and weren’t very neat about it. Now I am spending hours removing the caulk.

After Alex’s nap, we joined Carissa and Emelia for a walk. Alex seemed in a reasonably good mood so then we went plant shopping:

Wade and I took turns getting Alex down for the night (he definitely doesn’t like this – whether it is colic or just Alex I’m not sure) and I did get my plants planted. Because it is dark out pictures will have to wait till tomorrow.

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