My Job Is Awesome

My company sent me a birthday present!! I’m not sure I have ever posted about my job. I currently (and have for quite a while) work for a law firm in Chicago. I found the job through a listing on craig’s list and have never met another employee in person (even when interviewing). The law firm is a subcontractor for the US Patent Office and does work for private clients. 95% of the employees work from home and are based all over the country. My job is extremely flexible and is fine with me doing as much or as little work as I want (even on a week to week basis). The office staff has business hours and I do have to check email at least once during that time, but I don’t have set work hours. Every case I accept has a deadline that I know in advance. I can do the work from 2-6 am. Nobody cares as long as I turn it in by the due date. I suppose I am technically a contract employee, but they pay taxes for me, offer health insurance, and benefits. There are no paid vacation or sick days – so therefore I can take as many as I want. We are paid on a completed project basis.
I loved the job before I had Alex. I usually worked about 20-30 hours a week, which left plenty of time for errands, housework, and cooking. Now that I have Alex the flexibility has been wonderful. I definitely work fewer hours, but that is fine with me! Alex has even timed his naps to help me out when a few deadlines were getting close.

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