Busy Weekend

Friday evening Alex and I ventured across the street to Amber’s for a 1154 Lill Studio Party. I used my birthday money to create a bag especially for me – I pick the bag design and then choose the fabric. I’ll be sure to take some pictures when I get it in a few weeks. Alex started out a little fussy and Nick got him calmed down for a while. Then Alex got interested in all the people and helped me design my bag:

Saturday we did a lot of prep work on the downstairs bathroom. Wade is traveling all next week and my mom is coming up to watch Alex while I paint the bathroom. Wade replaced the mirrors, matched the trim, and helped pick the new wall paint. I started stripping the stain and schlack from the woodwork. A before picture:

Today the young couples were hosting fellowship hour at our church. That’s code for yummy food and lots of socializing.

Everyone was in attendance – Heidi, Andy, Carissa, Mike, Emelia, Greg, Kristy, Nate, and Amy. You notice Nate and Amy were quick to get the babies:

Afterwards we all went out for brunch at The Grove – excellent French toast!

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