A Play By Play

Alex had an awesome night (which means I did too). He took a bottle last night at 7 pm, went to sleep at 8:30 pm, and didn’t wake up till 2:30 am. He had a bottle, went right back to sleep, and slept till 5:30 am. Then he shocked me and went back to sleep again and didn’t wake up till 7:30. Normally, the closer we get to sunrise the harder it is to get him back to sleep after his bottle. I got him dressed and ready for kidcare at the YMCA:

After a shower for myself, I got everybody loaded into the car for a trip to the dog park:

Madison enjoyed swimming in the creek and even ventured to the other side to chase birds:

We walked and played for an hour or so:

Then we got home just in time for a bottle. The temperature today was around 80 and Alex got quite hot in the carrier and then his car seat. By the time we got home he was quite warm and needed to cool down a little:

Then I got him ready for his afternoon (and first real) nap:

Wade came home just in time to feed Alex while I cooked dinner for the Hoiums:

We ate dinner with Mike and Carissa and supervised Emelia and Alex’s first date:

We ended the evening with a walk around the block where we ran into Nate and Amy (crazy small big town):

Happy Birthday Marshall!!

Happy Birthday Steven!!

  1. Heidi Christianson

    How cute! Glad you guys got to enjoy the beautiful weather!

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