I’m 30!

It doesn’t feel like I turned 30 today, but that’s okay with me. Today was a nice, relaxing day. Alex and I went to work out (more on the YMCA in a later post) and then he took a really long nap. Wade came home from work and took us out for Mexican. My current favorite restuarant is Habanero’s – we probably go once every few weeks, but we always have the same waiter. How cool that he remembers us and he did after our very first visit the week Alex was born.
But now on to the presents. I got lots of goodies (keyboard, clothes, dishes, USB memory stick,etc.), but my favorite gift was from Wade and it is definitely a labor of love. My blog is getting an update! Next Monday I should have an entirely new look to my site. Wade worked feverishly all weekend after the person he hired flaked out. He told me to give him a deadline so he’d be sure to complete it. I can’t wait!!!
And now of course a picture of Alex:

  1. those dishes are PERFECT for you!! sounds like it was a great day!

  2. Habanero’s is one of our favorites too…I may have to convince Nick that we should go there for dinner tonight. You should also try Botana’s downtown. Happy 30th!!! I didn’t realize it was a “big” one!! Welcome to the club.

  3. Holly!! Happy Belated 30th Birthday!! (why do I always think it is the 22nd instead of the 20th??) Welcome to your 30s – I plan to make it my best decade yet!
    And by the way – Alex is adorable and you look fantastic!!

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