Paducah – Day One

This trip to Paducah is going to be full of visits, people, and pictures. Alex made the 8+ hour drive wonderfully yesterday. He slept the entire way and only woke up to eat. We arrived in time for dinner with my Dad, Laura, Sonya, Guy, Grant, Christy, and Ken. We stayed the night at Dad’s house and Alex slept through the night for the first time (meaning a 5 hour stretch between feedings). Guy gave us an orchid (he has a green house full) and it is gorgeous!

After breakfast we drove to Mom’s house and let her have a few hours of “Alex time”. Before driving to see my Grandmother we stopped at El Chico (my all time favorite restaurant). Alex did okay for the beginning of our visit and then the colic showed up. We were able to get a few pictures before complete meltdown.
My Mother, Grandmother, and Alex:

My Aunt Beverly and Great Aunt Eva Nell also came to visit:

Amy came by after we were back at Mom’s house. It’s too bad she doesn’t live closer. She offered to babysit even when he is screaming:

Melissa arrived just in time for a bottle and before Alex’s evening meltdown:

My Mom has offered to keep Alex in her room tonight so Wade and I are headed to bed at 9 pm. Full night of sleep here I come!

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