I’m A Big Boy Now

Alex is 8 weeks old today and just wearing his first 3 month clothing. The newborn sizes still fit, but I was getting tired of the same outfits all the time. At least now we have quite a variety.

In other news, I took Alex to the doctor and she confirmed that he has colic. Not just normal colic, but an abnormal presentation of colic. (But when is anything about us normal?) Most of the time colic means periods of fussiness and crying with no cause and no cure. However, normally the periods of time are very regular. My doctor said her son’s always lasted from 8:30 pm to 10:05 pm. Alex basically has a good 24 hours and then a bad 24 hours (or any variation thereof). The good news is it should disappear at 3 months and he is 2 months old today. Poor little guy (and poor mom and dad).

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