A Busy Day

Alex didn’t have such a good day today (or maybe it was me that didn’t have a good day). Obviously his little system is struggling. We’re not sure if it is gas or acid reflux, but Alex is miserable. When the little guy isn’t sleeping, he is screaming. Daddy was able to soothe him with a bottle:

And then we went to meet Emelia Hoium. I’m sure she and Alex will be good friends:

  1. We went through this with Marie, I will never forget my first year with her…we were both miserable lol..I ended up having to get her on lactose free formula, and to this day she has to drink Acidopholus milk. (Nutrish A/B Milk). So anyhow, I thought for awhile I was invested in the company that made gas drops. She had colic and we spent many a nights up late into the wee hours soothing her.
    I hope you can keep your chin up, it won’t be like this forever 🙂 Stay positive, you guys are doing so great!

  2. Jamie – don’t tell me it lasted a year! My doctor swears it will be gone by the time he is 3 months old.

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