Yes! We Made It To Church

Wade and I have attempted church for the last several Sundays, but we haven’t quite made it there. We are having trouble because Alex isn’t quite old enough to go to the nursery and we don’t want to be “those people” with a crying baby in church. Today we were all awake and ready on time. We filled Alex up with milk and headed out the door. Suprisingly, he didn’t sleep through any of the service, but he was content with his pacifier. I think we have one more week and then the nursery will take him – thank goodness!

Is it just me or does my hair really look red in the last couple of pictures?

  1. NEVER worry about being “those” people…children are God’s creation and if a simple baby’s cry – which should remind us of the majesty and glory of God and his creation – keeps people from “worshiping God”…they’ve got issues!
    We’ve become to “me” focused in church and while I appreciate nurseries and those who staff them…sometimes I think kids miss out by being pushed off to their separate areas – and we miss out too. Our church in Ohio had a nursery for those who wanted it but we also had the freedom to stay in there and Melilla would bounce and laugh and just enjoy being in that environment.

  2. My friend Maren’s church is like that. They don’t even have a nursery. They do have a “crying room” if families with kids don’t want to sit in the service with everyone, but still want to participate.

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