We’re Almost There

Wade finished the nursery closet last night and I finally got everything put back inside. I should get the rug today and the rocking chair (currently being recovered) by the end of the week. Then the nursery will be ready for baby. Wade is painting a few things for the walls, but hopefully that can be completed by the weekend too. It’s looking like we might actually beat the baby on this one!
Before closet. You have to look closely, but you can see the bifold doors (which didn’t close), the wire racking inside, and the exterior walls of the closet didn’t have any floor trim:

Wade has done a great job. Here’s an outside view of our new doors and trim that does match the rest of the house:

Wade picked the color for the inside of the closet. The middle component, a ladder shelf, is part of a set Wade built while in college. The closet now has lights (none before) that work off a dimmer so they can be used as a night light:

I think the baby has enough clothes for the first year of life. We also had a family friend provide quite a bit in the way of toys, clothes, shoes, etc from her quickly growing boys. Thanks Leigh Ann!

  1. it is beautiful! nice job!

  2. His room looks so great and I love the idea of using the closet light as a night light! Great job!

  3. Your mother says to post a picture of the bed and the rug.

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